Assessing tree health and safety risks

The Living Forest provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services offering fully insured and qualified advice. From detailed individual reports to large scale developmental and tree safety management surveys we can customise our approach to meet your specification.

Tree Safety Surveys

Our tree safety surveys are carried out by qualified and experienced arboriculturists using GPS hand-held devices and professional mapping software.  The tree surveys include zoning a site into high, medium and low areas, based on the existing targets and the frequency of use, providing a more balanced approach to assessing the risk of a tree hazard.

Development Surveys

We have extensive experience in carrying out detailed tree surveys and reports and providing advice in accordance with British Standard  5837:2012 ‘Trees in relation to design, demolition and  construction, for planning applications including tree surveys, impact assessment & design consultation, mitigation proposals and method statements and on site monitoring and support.

Aerial Inspections

Our staff are trained and competent to carry out aerial tree inspections, from a mobile elevated platform or by climbing from a rope and harness, to further assess potentially significant defects identified from the original ground-based inspection.

Mortgage and House Insurance Applications

We provide specialist investigations and tree reports for mortgage applications assessing the condition of the trees and the potential risk of direct damage (physical contact) or indirect damage (subsidence) occurring to buildings on and immediately adjacent to a property.

Management of Ancient and Veteran Trees

Our comprehensive services also include advice and guidance on the sustainable management of old, historic, and important trees and the surrounding land, in accordance with current best practice.

Woodland and Wildlife Conservation Management

We have extensive experience of working with woodland owners, woodland managers and conservation groups, providing a wide range of woodland and wildlife conservation services, including undertaking woodland and habitat surveys, producing woodland management plans, wildlife habitat improvements and tree planting schemes, assisting with grant applications and obtaining felling licences.

Locum Local Authority Tree Officer Services

We are qualified and experienced in providing short-term, temporary, or longer-term arboricultural advice and assistance for local councils and can help with planning applications, TPO applications, post-development environmental enforcement inspections, highways and greenspace surveying. We tailor our locum Tree Officer services to suit your needs.

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