Tree Management

Managing, maintaining, and caring for trees

Our team of highly trained and experienced Arboriculturists will provide you with comprehensive advice and are qualified to undertake all manner of tree work. Proud members of the Arboricultural Association we work to industry best practice (BS3998) to ensure the best possible solutions for both our customers and the trees we care for.

Our services include:

Crown lifting

Crown lifting involves removal of lower branches from all or part of the lower canopy of a tree. This can be to provide clearance along carriageways, footpaths, amenity areas or to improve the aesthetic value of a designed landscape.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning reduces the overall density from within the canopy. This can be carried out for several reasons but most commonly to reduce the sail capacity allowing wind to pass through more easily and reduce the likelihood of failure, or to provide more light into a property.

Crown reduction

Crown reductions aim to reduce the overall size of all or part of a tree. This can help reduce the likelihood of failure due to external factors (such as wind) in trees with significant structural defects. Crown reductions can also be used when the canopy of a tree becomes too large for the available space.

Dismantle felling

Dismantle felling is most frequently required when removing trees from confined spaces or to ensure potential targets are protected. Our qualified arborists have a range of equipment to assist with such work designed to keep both operators and potential targets safe.

Stump grinding

Often when removing trees, it can be beneficial to remove the stump. This can be to allow for new planting, change of use or simply for aesthetics. Our operators are fully qualified and use a CAT scanner to check for underground services prior to starting works. We have a range of machines to carry out the works to suit all locations and sizes of stumps.

Bracing and support

There are several techniques that can be used to provide support within trees. Installed correctly they can help reduce the likelihood of failure. Our Arborists are trained to install and inspect a variety of industry standard supports that can be used.

Liaison with local authorities

We work closely with Local authorities and can submit TPO and conservation area applications on your behalf.

Other services:

  • Deadwood removal
  • Remedial works from surveys
  • Formative pruning
  • Hedge cutting
  • Tree planting

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